Harlem School of the Arts

New York, NY | Imrey Studio

The renovation of Harlem School of the Arts has transformed the space into a dazzling cultural center. The austere brick façade has been replaced with a cutting-edge, angled glass curtain wall offering the community a transparent view inside the facility. The design features a layered view through the curtain wall and Lobby, and back through to the granite cliff wall and fountain in the rear of the Courtyard. MFLD’s lighting designs complement the multi-use space, accentuate the new open architecture and support the concept of inclusion and transparency. Each layer has varying lighting features that provide a dynamic view from the sidewalk back to the dramatically grazed rock wall in the Courtyard. A track lighting system in the Lobby can be reconfigured for art exhibits or performances. Interior and exterior lighting automatically changes light levels over time, and event lighting can be controlled from a cell phone or tablet. The modernization of the gallery space renders it one of the best performance/music venues in the New York City.